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2019-09-14 15:16:14
PVC Pipe Bathroom Organization

Growing up with all Sisters our bathrooms were usually an unorganized mess of “girl necessities”. Curling irons, blow dryers, make-up, and so on filled the bathroom cabinets and rarely stayed organized. As an adult… the struggle is still real! I’ve recently discovered people are using PVC pipe to organize so many of those bathroom necessities. Turns out PVC is the mason jar of the pipe world! Who knew?? Store your blow dryer, curling iron, strainer, curling wand… Whatever makes your soul happy! Want to be able to use the PVC storage when your products are hot? Line the inside of the PVC with a kitchen oven mitt! Boom! These pipes can easily be screwed to the inside of a cabinet door or decorated and left on the counter to hold your goodies! Imagine the organization options!!
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