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2020-01-09 12:02:14
Ice Palace Park a Brief Look at History

 Are you a native? Are you interested in relocating? Do you just love the area? Regardless of your current position I believe knowing the history of a community is important! Plus I’m a total history nerd so bear with me! Have you heard of Leadville’s legendary Ice Palace? Though the palace only held strong for three months it is a legend that can be found discussed to this day. So how about 5 fun facts about Leadville’s Ice Palace?

  1. In the three months the Ice Palace was open there were over 250,000 guests! Back in the 1800’s that's a lot of folks coming from far and wide. 
  2. It only took 36 days to build the legendary location and included 5,000 tons of ice. With workers making between $2.50-$3.00 a day. 
  3. The palace was filled with a number of activities including a restaurant, theater, ballroom, toboggan runs and a carousel. 
  4. Unfortunately it was a financial bust and as most legends go; an ice palace of its size has never been created again. 
  5. The walls were decorated with frozen trout in the ice forming the walls. Not my first idea of decorations but as a representation of our amazing lakes (Turquoise & Twin) I think it is perfect for a Leadville event! 

Interested in more facts? Check out the Legends of America Website:

Interested in property in the area? I’m a Lake County local and I would LOVE to discuss Real Estate with you! Lets link up!


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