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2020-01-10 11:00:42
5 Apps for Real Estate Research

We live in a technology based world where most consumers do their research on properties long before they ever reach out to a real estate agent. I think it is important as a Realtor to know what my consumer is viewing as a resource. I also think that as a consumer the more tools you are aware of the better off we all will be. The following are 5 apps that you can download on your phone for instant real estate information. Take a look! 

Homesnap: This application allows you to research homes based off of your current location. It uses a GPS program that tracks where you are at to let you know what is for sale near you. It takes the effort out of having to research your location when trying to find listings. Like other apps it also has a basic search engine. This application shows foreclosures and bank owned homes throughout the US. You can single in on your location of interest and view the properties that meet the requirements. It also shows you the date and time of the live auction, if there is any type of financing available and general information on the home itself. 

Zillow: I believe most folks are familiar with Zillow. It is an application that allows you to search all types of real estate market information throughout the US. It also has a home value system that can be used for your own home. This allows you to watch how the market fluctuates and how that affects your home. This application has almost all the same features as Zillow. The one major difference is Zillow is used as a marketing aspect for real estate agents to pop up for possible leads. allows an individual to find the actual listing broker on a property. 

Estately Real Estate Search: This application is another search engine for local properties. What is unique about this application is that its main goal is to encourage you as the consumer to actually go view the property. It also includes local information on amenities and taxes. You can set up notices on your phone so you never miss a change in your criteria .

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